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Concept For Annual General Meeting


The association of ambulance professionals is mandated to hold annual General meeting according to her constitution. (Article 11, section 1a, 1b and 1c).

Article 11; Meetings

  1. Annual General Meeting:
  2. a) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be an assembly of all members of AAPU, and held once within the last three months of each year.
  3. b) It shall receive, and discuss the President’s annual report and Treasurer’s financial report c) The annual general meeting of AAPU shall have the key responsibility of electing new office bearers at the end of term of office or as bye-elections to fill vacant ‘electable’ posts. as a membership organization, the association need to bring all her members and stakeholders together yearly


From the above background, the steering committee together with the association executive board supported by Malteser International have organized the first ever AGM for the agency.

Since 2018, MI has been supporting various AAPU activities and building internal capacities for the growth of the association. Part of internal capacity development was the several workshops, consultations and meeting that have been funded to develop internal systems of the organization.

Many achievements have been attained and since internal processes must be aligned with the organizational set up, approved and agreed upon by the selected committee, clearly documented and communicated to the stake holders at every opportunity especially during meetings, the AGM becomes the perfect forum to disseminate and put in function all the policies, processes and structures developed.

Main Objective of the meeting

To fulfill the constitutional mandate of holding yearly meeting for the associations’ membership

Specific objectives

  • To disseminate and put to function the developed internal systems documents ie Revised constitution, Membership policy, HR manual , Organization structure etc
  • Activate stakeholders membership and annual subscription to the organization
  • Share reports on the achievements of the association since the last gathering
  • Select/ appoint regional focal persons for the association and approve pioneer /steering members for the current roles they are playing in the new structure
  • Recognize, Appreciate and award members, institutions/organizations and other stakeholders as determined by the executive body.
  • Mobilize recourses through the sale of promotional items

Proposed date for the AGM: 30TH OCTOBER 2021.

Proposed Venue: Pope Memorial Hotel Ndeeba/Lubaga

Planned Population: The meeting will be mainly physical with a population of 110people physical attendance


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